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এ কেমন ক্যামেরাম্যান | Funny Bangla Dubbing Video|| Bangla Talkies.This video has been made a cartoon with bangla dubbed and made in funny bangla dubbing. The video is about the students Vs teacher That's what goes on top of a line of more than a teacher. This Bangla dubbing video has been made about it. Dubing has been done with a lot of interesting funny words in the video, only to laugh. This is a whole new bangla dubbing video People are given entertainment by bangla talkies.

Please do not take it seriously. This video is just for entertainment. So accept it easily. Please try to enjoy my video. I'm trying my best to do good in my next video. If you enjoy it, please like it and please comment and do not forget to share this video with your friends ........ Please subscribe ... Please support me ... please Stay with me ... ... always keep smiling ...

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