Yi 4K+ versus Yi Lite action camera internal microphone dialogue voice test indoor and outdoor


David Harry

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In this video I'm comparing the Yi 4K+ action camera versus the Yi Lite action camera for the differences between their internal microphones.

Quite specifically, I'm testing to see how each camera and its internal microphones pick up dialogue. This should give a really good idea for anyone interested in the Yi 4K plus or the Yi Lite, as to how each one sounds for dialogue, for the likes of Vlogging or just simply talking to camera.

The tests are done in an outside environment as well as an indoor one, just to give a good idea as to how each camera sounds in both.

I've not used the cameras in any cases, so that there is nothing blocking or impeding the microphones. While this means that both cameras are subject to the same light breeze during the outside part of the tests. It also gives a clear indication to the true sound of each for their internal microphones.

I have not altered the audio from the cameras in any way during the editing process. So there isn't any compression, limiting, eq-ing, or even re-levelling or balancing. This is so that each take, or recording, is exactly as it was during the filming and will give an accurate difference to both camera's internal microphones and how they sound.

I've also done a walk test while talking, including talking away from the cameras while behind them. This will give a very good idea as to how each one sounds for directional recording.

As well as being in two environments, indoor and outdoor, I've also recorded all the take twice, in both the cameras' low and high gain settings for their microphones. This will also be good for judging not only the sensitivity between each other, but also each camera's own internal sensitivity when set to low and high gain.

The tests will also give a good idea as to how the cameras sound against each other for the likes of inherent noise, tone, sensitivity and distortion.

Rather than do my usual dissecting of the results, I've left my personal opinions out of this one, so I don't influence the opinions of what other people may think. Please feel free to discuss your own opinion of the results and which camera you prefer in the comments.

If you are interested in buying a Yi action camera check out these Amazon links to the Yi store.

Yi Lite: https://amzn.to/2D8XAeb
Yi 4K: https://amzn.to/2DuaOQp
Yi 4K+: https://amzn.to/2FzZ7Iw

I've only made a few videos about the Yi action cameras so far, but will be doing more. If you would like to see my Yi videos all in one place, please go to my Yi videos website:


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