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Cabs Done Right (Coming Soon!) --

00:21 -- Step 1 - Rewrite your story! Before you step foot into a gym, check your beliefs. Get rid of your limiting beliefs and embrace your higher self! You're as strong and healthy as you think you are. Thoughts are things.

01:08 -- Step 2 - Stand with dignity! Fixing your posture will help you get the most out of your workouts. Posture is the foundation for a healthy, pain free, functional body and mind. Working out with bad posture is like riding a bicycle with a bent tire. Fix your tires for a smooth ride!

02:01 - Step 3 - Learn and practice the basics. Don't feel the need to go super heavy. Learning the form of exercises with just your body weight is crucial. This is when your brain builds new neural pathways, makes muscular connections to the exercises, and is akin to laying the bricks of your house down. Don't lay down sloppy bricks. Doing poor form, heavy weight exercises leads to a broken down house (aka injuries and not getting much from the exercises)

02:09 -- Squats
02:17 -- A tool you can use to teach yourself proper squat form
02:27 -- Why it's important that women squat with their feet wider than him distance

02:46 -- Pull-ups, how to use that weird, circular band you might see lying around your gym to do assisted pullups

04:05 -- Push-ups
04:18 -- How a broom stick can help with your pushup form

05:09 -- My thoughts on jogging as a main form of exercise
06:24 -- Rowing Machine, and why it can be better for beginners than the treadmill.
06:45 -- How to use the rowing machine (it's NOT just an upper body machine. Don't forget to use your legs!)

07:44 -- Why having a "nice butt" is actually good for your health, posture, & metabolism.
08:14 -- The Glute Bridge, a perfect exercise for beginners. This wakes up the posterior chain, and helps correct the imbalances caused by sitting for extended periods of time.

09:23 -- Carbs done right will be out soon! Thanks for your patience.

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today.
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Thank you to Chicago Fit Life in Wheeling for letting us use your gym! It's an amazing gym, with a hilarious staff
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