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UFO Unidentified flying object

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Headline #1: Sighting in Lowell, Massachusetts on 2018-01-01 17:30:00 – Multiple hovering lights in semi-circle formation
Synopsis: My husband went outside to use our grill and quickly called me out to our back deck. he pointed out a bright light, which appeared to be hovering in the distance, on the left side of our property. he then pointed to the opposite side of our property and there were between 5-7 very bright lights, which also appeared to hovering.
Headline #2: Sighting in Syracuse, New York on 1966-05-31 00:00:00 – Football shaped object, rear red, front, green, emitting light from these two areas, coming into sight, pausing, and continuing.
Synopsis: In june of 1966 (cannot recall specific evening), i was outside in syracuse, new york, it was a clear night, after sunset, quite dark. i was with three friends, no alcohol or anything similar was involved. we noticed a football-shaped light , zooming silently and rapidly overhead.
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