Truth Or Consequences: How To Be A Game Show Host


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Back in the 1990s I was a student at Henry Ford Community College where I majored in Mass Communication. This project is an instructional video…and I was the star in this. Why? I’m a game show junkie. My all-time favorite was indeed “The Joker’s Wild”.
At the end of the video, the credits show that it’s dedicated to or in honor of the late Jack Barry, the man who hosted, created, and co-produced the show back in the 70s and 80s after his career was nearly ruined from the quiz show scandals of the 50s. The title of this video was also a television game show that was hosted by Ralph Edwards, Jack Bailey, Bob Barker, Bob Hilton, and Larry Anderson. The city of Hot Springs, NM was re-named to its current city in a radio station contest.
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