Transformers; Voices


Talathia Alhazred

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A clip of the voice actors from Transformers 2007 film.

Disclaimer: I don't know what it's from, a friend sent it to me. If it's a problem I can delete it, I don't care. I'm not making money off this. Quit sending me emails asking if I want your shitty adds on here to make money off it or your adds in the links. This isn't my property; I'm not going to try and profit of something that doesn't belong to me. I'm just sharing it because it's cool.

The song that plays when Peter is talking towards the end-- with the flutes-- is called "Optimus " - off the original score soundtrack for the film. You can buy that off itunes or amazon or where ever. Buy it. Don't be a shit bag and torrent it. Some artists out there need to make a living.
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