The job that pays you to travel the world


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The job that pays you to travel the world
12 January 2018 By Ted Nash, Partner, One True View Some may call it the dream job It might be hard to remember the days before we were obsessively refreshing our timelines for the latest clip of cute puppies, or tagging our friends at the coolest rooftop bar, but the digitally dominated world we live in today has completely changed the way we live and interact with others. Not only that, but the rise and power of social media has brought with it a whole new space to work in, creating jobs that would have never existed a few years ago. Social channels like Facebook and Instagram receive consistently high volumes of traffic, gaining tens of millions of hits every day. Audiences flock to their newsfeeds to enjoy the latest content from their favourite channels which provide them with entertaining videos and pictures and this content sits at the heart of influencer marketing. Whether it’s stunning footage of white sandy beaches, or breathtaking sunsets, we often overlook who’s working beh...

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