TOP 25 MOST VIEWED TWITCH CLIPS OF 2017 [VIRAL] (Shroud, Drdisrespect, Boogie2988, Reckful, & More)



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The top 25 most viewed and viral twitch clips of 2017 (minus the boobie streamers).

Streamers and clips in order:
25.) reckful: (soda gets told by little girl)
24.) drdisrespectlive: (just when the doc gets into it)
23.) thegameawards: (what oscars thing homie?)
22.) autenil: (dev is cheating LUL)
21.) reckful: (ass)
20.) drdisrespectlive: (Doc meets a fan)
19.) awesomehardware: (bottle opener)
18.) deadmau5: (Deadmau5 finds sandstorm)
17.) anisajomha: (ganked by idubbz)
16.) yoonroot: (korean streamer successfully using the map to measure bullet travel)
15.) mendokusaii: (streamer gets scared by spider)
14.) kbubblez: (omegalul)
13.) nl_kripp: (kripp presses the button)
12.) sacriel: (rocket ride)
11.) rhdgurwns: (fat man happy dance)
10.) pgl: (dosia 200 iq nade)
9.) shroud: (rip bananaman)
8.) vgbootcamp: (oldest trick in the book)
7.) nojennyno: (monkaS)
6.) zotac_cup: (korean bm)
5.) caracarnvi: (final fantasy series relay)
4.) liz0n: (girl runs in to pole while streaming IRL)
3.) boogie2988: (3 hour cooldown on credits)
2.) reapzuk: (vive user finds a female in VR)
1.) jurrasicjunkielive: (streamer daughter walks in on him playing a scary game)

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