Store Tour of CEC in Jacksonville NC (Narrated by CEC Roadshows)


CEC Roadshows

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This is a Store Tour of the CEC in Jacksonville NC. As you can tell, this is a Phase 3 & 4 store with 3 of the posters from Phase 3 and a lot of the Phase 4 posters. I was talking to the manager which was at Kid Check and I was telling her about myself and my YouTube channel and about how good I am at performing Roadshows with Chuck E. She even gave me 2 CEC stickers with my favorite game and my favorite pizza at CEC which is cheese. They have a few of the same games they have at the Wilmington NC store. They have a unique Studio C. Tell me down in the comments below if you know what Studio C that is. More videos from this store coming your way. With a Special surprise you don't want to miss. Enjoy! via YouTube Capture
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