Steve'll Fix It S01E03 - Removing 18650 cell protection


Steve Brace

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A protected 18650 cell is substantially longer than an unprotected cell and will not fit in some devices or chargers. I recently bought 8 18650s which were not advertised as protected so I rather stupidly assumed they were standard 2200 mAh unprotected cells. Rather than pay the postage to return them I thought I'd just remove the short-circuit and under-voltage protection circuit as I didn't need them in the devices and chargers I use since they already had that as well as reverse polarity protection.

WARNING! 18650s are very dangerous if handled in the wrong way so DO NOT try this at home. This video is for information only. NEVER open the positive end or any part of the 18650 can as you will expose yourself to some nasties which could ruin your day.
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