LIVE SHINY KYOGRE & ISLAND SCAN SHINY HUNTING! Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Shiny Hunting w/ PokeMEN



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Today we are Shiny Hunting in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and more specifically trying to find Shiny Legendary Pokemon via the Ultra Wormhole Shiny Hunting method and rare shiny Pokemon via the Island Scan method! If you are new here make sure to check out the stream rules below and consult the F.A.Q. section before you jump into the chat! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and leave a like if you are enjoying the stream!

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Stream Rules!
•No Swearing - This is a family friendly stream and there is no reason to ever swear in the chat, we want everyone to feel welcome at the streams!
•Be respectful of others in the chat - There is no reason to be rude to anyone else in the stream and if I deem what you are saying to be inappropriate you may be timed out or even banned.
•No Advertising - Please do not advertise your own content or someone else's content in the chat.
•Do not ask to be a moderator - Mods are people I know and can trust and my trust is something that must be earned.
•No Spamming - There's no reason to spam messages in the chat or being generally obnoxious. I do my best to read all the messages I can and greet everyone at the stream, so show me some patience and enjoy the stream!

Q: What is your Favorite Pokémon?
A: Mamoswine followed by Machamp.

Q: What is your least favorite Pokémon?
A: Burmy/Wormadam.

Q: What is your favorite starter Pokemon?
A: Decidueye.

Q: What is your favorite Pokémon Game?
A: Platinum for Main Series and Snap for Spin-off.

Q: What is your favorite Shiny?
A: Rayquaza.

Q: What is your least favorite Shiny?
A: Garchomp.

Q: What was the first shiny Pokemon you found and caught?
A: Dugtrio in Pokemon Platinum.

Q: What is your favorite generation and region?
A: 4th generation and Sinnoh.

Q: Do you have the shiny charm?
A: Yes! I have the shiny charm in both Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Q: What is your favorite method to shiny hunt?
A: Poké Radar in generation 4

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