Ranz and Niana - You Can Do It (Official Music Video)


Ranz Kyle

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Here's the official music video of our second single
"You Can Do it"
This song is for all the dreamers out there! always remember that you can do it! Jam to this song everywhere and let us see! dance challenge comin up soon too so watch out!

if i could do it
then you could do it too

we so excited
we jumping thru the roof

i just came to bring energy
stop that negativity
if you came to turn up with me
then today youre a friend of me
people used to say youre too young
look at me yea i overcome

there aint nothing that you can’t do
if you believe then it will come true

aye aye yea
this beat is off the handle

aye aye yea
switching flows like switching channels

yea I’m just here to tell you
don’t let nothing stop you

haters will talk about you
but then sit back and watch you

but i pay it
no mind
i look back smile at em one time

i gotta live my life my life
and everything else gon be fine

Ranz and Niana
and we are trying
show you how to bring good vibes

if we can do it you can do it too
got me so excited jumping thru the roof

i come in so low-key
then litty one time

jumping thru the ceiling
i will never come down

showing love
i show love to my fam

put in work
anything you wanna be

just know you can

if i can do it
then you can do it

hard work and dedication
don’t stop don’t stop
don’t stop don’t stop
and i will never ever give up
and no i never will quit
this life is all that we get

you can be whatever you wish

Lets turn it up a little
its time to get involved
show me youre motivated
come party with the squad
Ranz and Niana
and we are trying
show you how to bring good vibes
if we can do it you can do it too
got me so excited jumping through the roof

Special thanks to these people who helped us!

Mike Burton
Amron Lopez
Black Cookies Prod
Good Vibes ON / Dad
Artwork: flightlog0301
Mom, Nina, Seah, Natalia

Smile Lit: Mystery guy (guess who's under the mask)
Vlogger: Lhianne Lauren
DJ/Beatmaker: Biboy Chua Cabigon
Dancer: Louise Castillo
Director: Dad
Assistant directors: Allysa & Stephanie

Rustom John Gutierrez
Ja pineda
Aries Matthew Castro
Jem Singson
Nino Lorenzo
Jay-ar gonzales
Jay Vince
Jae Wook Park

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musical.ly: @ranznandniana
twitter: @ranzkyle & @nianaguerrero
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