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Good afternoon everyone! (PLEASE READ THE TEXT BELOW) paypal.me/MatyasMatthewToth
My name is Mátyás (Matthew) Tóth. I was born in 3. March 1997 in Hungary. I am from Szolnok.
My hobby is playing football. I worked as a dog trainer and I am working as a gardener now. I like to help my family and help others if I can. Well...I don't
have much money but in last month I gave some blankets to a dog foundation. I glad to I could help.
But unfortunately, I need help now.
Honestly, my wallet is empty. I would like to move out from my parents' house but I can't.
In Hungary it is almost impossible. If you don't believe me, believe science: https://www.portfolio.hu/gazdasag/magy...
Here you can find information about my country. The link is Hungarian but the charts are in English.
I have a beautiful girlfriend and I just want to be happy like you, dear person who is reading this.
I just need money to be happy because I would like to have a child and I would like to have
a family. I am working all day all night but I can't even pay the taxes and bills.
Please check this video: https://mytodaytv.com/video-hot_f1NfjG... (it is in English)
Ok, this video is a lie. You earn 600-700 euros a month if you have some degrees.
If you don't then you earn 400-500 euros a month. Check out the comments!
Comments are Hungarians but you can see the numbers in these. (I also can translate it to you, if you want)
Most of Hungarians earn the minimum wage: https://countryeconomy.com/national-mi...
Me too. My mother had to go a human experiment for medicines. So if you can help me (you can help only a few dollars)
then please do it! I will be so thankful! I can't be thankful enough! :)
Sorry for my English, my native language is Hungarian so I am only an English learner. :)
My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matthewmatya...
My account number: 11773425-04464369 (OTP Bank)
Here I sleep: https://www.kepfeltoltes.eu/view.php?f...
This is me with my little cousin: https://www.kepfeltoltes.eu/view.php?f...

​A video about Hungarian earnings: https://mytodaytv.com/video-hot_f99CeF...

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