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Welcome to My Town's Police station - a police station that does not look like any other and is filled with interesting adventures that children will like to taste! The game is suitable for boys and girls.
We know how much you liked "My Town: Home", and we decided to release the next game in the My Town series. My Town: Police is a police station, without which no city can do without. With every new game that we will be releasing in the coming weeks, your city will grow, and the process of the game will become more exciting.
There are endless ways to play My Town: Police. You can adapt characters, develop imagination, and play 5 exciting numbers, Discover different objects and sounds, and interact with them.
- 10 different characters, including the original composition of "My Town: Home", cops, a detective and several bad guys
- 5 different places for the game - from the prison cells to the helipad.
- More than 200 different sounds and subjects
- Many wigs, hats and other funny clothes for the characters
- An aquarium where you can breed your own fish
- Does not contain advertising and purchases within the program
- No restrictions on time, stress or need to play to win.
- Each game brings with it new emotions!
Download My Town: Police station, this is the best police puppet game, where children can play, develop imagination and get a lot of fun. This is the best game for children in the doll house genre, where your child can come up with and create his own rules. In our games there is no stress, no ads and no ads. Become a policeman, catch thieves, send a police car to a job or run a police helicopter.

My Town : Police Station - Police Car and Police Helicopter | Dream Car Factory | Police car Wash:
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