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2017 Korean Drama 'Love Forecast' Summary

Is it possible to get out of the “friend zone”? Kang Joon Soo (Lee Seung Gi) is an elementary school teacher and all-around nice guy who has been friends with Kim Hyun Woo (Moon Chae Won) for almost 20 years. Hyun Woo is a weather reporter who appears to be elegant and sweet on-air but is a hard-drinking, foul-mouthed woman off the air. Although Joon Soo has always hoped for something more with Hyun Woo, she has squarely put him into her “friend zone,” saying that she feels no sexual attraction to him. So Joon Soo has to hopelessly watch Hyun Woo fawn over her married coworker, Lee Dong Jin (Lee Seo Jin), and go on a string of dates with other men. How can Joon Soo make Hyun Woo see him as anything other than just a friend? “Love Forecast” is a 2015 South Korean film co-written and directed by Park Jin Pyo.


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