Katy Perry Cameo in Taylor Swift's End Game Music Video?!


Lauren Lipman

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CAMEOS: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's new......look?!?! I AM SO CONFUSED AS TO WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!!!😳
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So I found some articles online talking about this and I JUST COULDN'T STAND not chatting with you guys about it. I meaaaaaan.....there's a pretty obvious change here! Do you think any of my theories are right? Is Taylor Swift, once again, toying with the media by sending a message? ORR do you think she could be
throwing total shade at Kim Kardashian and her busty looks??

AAAND is that Katy Perry?! the footage is a little grainy but IT VERY WELL MIGHT BE! I honestly think that would be the perfect way to end the Katy vs Taylor feud....but only time will tell! I need your help figuring this one out!

I have a feeling her End Game Music Video is going to drop soon though!! So I wanted to get this video out to you all ASAP💁🏻

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