Inaugural ceremony of 63rd Kohima Village Sports Association


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A first of its kind, the 63rd Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) meet got  off to a spectacular start on Saturday evening at  Kohima local Ground (Khuociezhie).

The glittering opening ceremony was taking place in the evening for the first time, since the sports meet began in 1944.

Sparkling lights illuminated all over the historic Khouciezhie for over 150 minutes and evening to remember in the history of Kohima Village Sports meet.

Adding colour and grandeur young children numbering 1500 from four Khels- D.Khel, L.Khel, P.Khel and T.Khel displayed drill, special melodies, shadow act (Zhowe Riile) and talent display form part of the opening ceremony.

100 youths also sang KVSA theme song entitled “Kewhimia” and another surprised package was Shadow Act (Zhowe Riile) which depicted how the KVSA meet started in 1944, from traditional blending to the modernity.

Earlier at 5:20 PM at Thevokemouzie in Kohima Village, the KVSA Torch was lighted with blessings by Lhouvizhii Sachii, Pastor CRCKV and was carried by 11 outstanding sporting personalities of yesteryears which was finally lighted-up the flame.

An entertaining moment was witness as the four competing Khels – P. Khel, T. Khel, D. Khel and L.Khel marching in the ground, with the band party of their respective Khels accompanying the contingents.

Golden-throated barbet (Pezhie-ra) is the mascot of the meet which has been christened as ‘Kekuokeyho’, which translated is ‘mightier and stronger’.

In his address , Dr. Neiphi Kire, chairman Kohima Village Council appreciated the Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) for hosting the sports meet in the true spirit of oneness and togetherness amongst the Kohima Village.

The Chairman also urged upon the sports persons to give their best in taking part in any sporting activities, should aim to play at the higher levels such as national and international  and bring glory and honour to the village in a particular  and the Nagas in general.

Expressing happiness that the state government was giving due important to  such as Music and culture, Dr.Kire felt that the state government should invest more on the sports and games, arts and literature and trade and commerce as the Nagas has got tremendous potentialities.     Sharing greetings message,   KVYO president Medozhatuo Rutsa said that the sports meet started in 1944 has come a long way, adding  that  “for Kohima village, this is not only a sports meet but a festival for the village where everyone can come together in one platform and enjoy the festivities”.

KVYO games & sports secretary Neilazetuo Khezhie administered oath to the participating teams and Kohima village head GB Medo-o Keretsii pronounced the  traditional blessings.

On January 19, the closing function will be grace  Er. Keviletuo Yiese, president Kohima Village Gazetted Officer Association as the guest of honour.

The week long meet will witness athletics, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, wrestling, cross country race. Around 400 sportspersons will vie for the coveted titles.

The competition will commence on Monday (15th January).


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