Girly Girl VS. Goth Girl CAS: Collab w/TheDiamondGirl


Toni Time

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This video is a collab that I'm doing with TheDiamondGirl here on YouTube. She's one of my YouTube and Twitter friends. You can find her channel and Twitter link in the description box. If you're from her channel, subscribe if you like what you see/hear, and if you're one of mine then go check her out and do the same if you like her content. :) This was my attempt at doing the Girly Girl VS. Goth Girl collab that we've been trying to get out since December 2017, so I hope you all like it.

Music: (song: “Happy Rock”)

Movie Clip: "Mean Girls" (2004)

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Hey everyone! My name is Toni and I'm addicted to Sims. I hope you all enjoy the content that I put out and feel free to leave me some creative criticism in the comments. Subscribe if you like what you see/hear and don't forget to turn on your notifications. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section, and I'll most likely respond back. Remember the golden order of things: Sims, school, sleep, repeat! :D

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