Funny Beagle Dog on His First Car Ride Funny Dogs


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Funny Beagle Dog on His First Car Ride Funny Dogs
Funny Dogs Official Charlie the Dog video of Funny beagle dog on his first automobile trip:
A beagle dog headed to the park or on a roadtrip with its head stuck out of a automobile window is an appropriate image of happiness.
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Meet our canine Charlie and our cute daughter Laura Olivia.
We set up a YouTube channel for Charlie in January 2013, as we commenced schooling him to finish obligations starting from beneficial (shutting cupboard doorways) to a laugh (bringing a can of beer and the TV remote straight to the couch). After our lovely infant become born, we observed his unique bond with our daughter, and we commenced filming our dog associate as he helped us take care of her.
Charlie the dog was delivered to infant Laura the instant she came domestic. We taught him how to help trade her diapers, swing her infant crib, and play gently along with her. But the one factor we by no means needed to educate him is how to love our daughter. Charlie confirmed us how toddlers and puppies may be the great of friends and he demonstrates that he is an important a part of our own family and the unconditional love and and joy he gives is immeasurable.


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