ELW + LF 4 mit VSA BF Regensburg + HLF FF Lappersdorf + RTW [VU A93]


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German fire trucks responding.
On Monday 18th of April there was already a crash on southbound highway 93 in the city of Regensburg, between the on-ramp Regensburg-Pfaffenstein and the offramp Regensburg-West. On Thuesday, where this video was recorded, another crash happened on the exact same part of the highway. The Regensburg CFD responded with both Rescue Engines (which passed my house seconds before I started the video), the Command Van and Engine 4 pulling the traffic safety trailer. To secure accident scenes on the two highways 3 and 93 within the Regensburg city limits, the Regensburg CFD is supported by at least one of the three volunteer departments in/around the city which have a traffic safety trailer in their fleet as well. These are the Harting VFD Regensburg City in the south-east, Pentling VFD in the south-west and Lappersdorf VFD in the north. Since this is on the southbound lanes quite far up in the north, the Lappersdorf VFD was dispatched to secure the scene with another traffic safety trailer. They responded with their Command Van, Tanker 1 pulling the traffic safety trailer (that one arrived 2 minutes before I reached the highway) and the Rescue Engine (the one you see coming out of the tunnel). Just before the Rescue Engine comes into sight, an ambulance is responding to another call on the northbound lanes, taking the off-ramp and heading eastbound on Franken Rd.
Approximately 20 minutes after the crash occured the southbound tunnel tube was blocked and traffic had to take the off-ramp Regensburg-North. It was opened for traffic after the scene was cleared.
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