UFC 220 + Bellator 192 Conference Summary and What’s Next Post Fight


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A quick summary of what was said at the conclusion of UFC 220 this weekend and what’s next for the fighters!

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Stipe Miocic defeated Francis Ngannou by Unanimous decision. In the post fight press conference he stated “I broke the record, I’m the best.” Stipe mentioned on a couple occasions before the fight that he felt the UFC was promoting Francis more than him. He seemed bothered by it and made it evident inside of the cage. Dana is known to wrap the belt around the waist of the winner in a championship contest. However, stipe grabbed the belt from his hand and handed it to his coach Marcus Marinelli instead to pay him the honor. People questioned whether it was done purposefully as a statement to Dana and stipe said about his coach “It’s my dude, and he respects me, and I respect him. End of story” He later stated that he didn’t care whether dana white respects him or not. He was only interested in going back home to his family. As far as the fight he said he felt Ngannous will dwindle away already in the first round. His gameplan was to take him down a wear him out.

Francis said he learned somethings he never learned in 4 years of fighting. It was to never underestimate an opponent and that he discovered what it’s like to be involved in a 5 round fight. He felt he went too hard in the 1st and gassed and said he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. If he could take it back he would have paced himself the first 2 rounds and apply forward pressure cautiously. He said he’d come back even stronger next time as he’s only 4 years into the sport and just found the last piece of the puzzle to make him champion.

Daniel Cormier defeated Volkan Oezdemir by TKO in the second round. At the conference he said he’s not sure what’s next for him right now. He just wanted to go home and relax. He was asked whether he’d be interested in fighting Stipe Miocic. He said that Cain Velasquez is in the Gym again preparing to get his title back, so the answer was no if Cain continues to compete in the Heavyweight division. He considers stipe mocic and cain velasquez as the greatest heavyweights of all time. As far as Jon Jones he said he’d love to fight him competitively again but without all the extra drama that Jones comes with. So right now he’s not thinking about it. He said he suffered some type of hand injury and that he’ll get it checked out by a doctor on Monday.

Volkan said that he now knows what he needs to improve on after suffering his defeat to DC and will back in the gym on Tuesday. He said he enjoyed the entire build up to the fight and thinks highly of Daniel Cormier. Volkan said confidently that he’ll be the eventual LHW champion of the UFC.

Chael Sonnen defeated Rampage Jackson via unanimous decision and stated that he’s glad that he was first up in the tournament because now he’ll have more time for recovery than the other contestants. With this win he advances to the semi finals and will be facing the winner of Fedor vs Frank Mir. He understands that he’ll be facing a real heavy weight next so will be in preparation for it.

Rory Macdonald has been crowned the Bellator welterweight champion after defeating Douglas Lima by unanimous decision. Rory was not able to attend the conference as he was transported to the hospital after developing a hematoma on his left leg after receiving multitple leg kicks from Lima. After the fight lima said “Pissed at myself but thankful to god for another battle. Rory you’re a warrior thank you. Can’t wait for the rematch. Thank you all for supporting. Thank you to my team for an awesome camp. I will be back.” Rory said “This is truly a dream come true, I set out on this martial arts journey when I was 14yrs old and without any doubt I know I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the grace of Jesus Christ. He humbled me to be ready to receive this belt. I give all the glory for this moment to Him, for my beautiful family, my friends and supporters.”

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