Liquid Cinema Music - Convergence (Max Cameron - Epic Massive Hybrid Action - 2017)


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EPIC MUSIC: Subscribe to keep updated with more new Epic trailer scores daily by similar artist and many others. Best of Epic music - action, epic, drama, hybrid, adventure, rock for trailers, gaming montages and others. An intense massive epic hybrid action style trailer score from Liquid Cinema Music's latest album release "CINEMATIC APOCALYPSE IV". Track composed by epic trailer music composer - Max Cameron.

Music For Motion Picture Advertising and Video Game Advertising Trailer Productions - trailers, tv spots, commercials, promos, featurettes, Media Entertainment, News, Previews & tv programs.

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Track: Convergence
Company: Liquid Cinema Music
Album: LQC039: Cinematic Apocalypse IV
Track No. 04
Composer: Max Cameron Concors (ASCAP)
Year: 2018
Style: Epic Hybrid Action Trailer Score
Copyright: 2018 Liquid Cinema / APM

The apocalypse series returns bigger than ever with dire dramatic action trailer cues that embody the emotional magnitude required for the end of time

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