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Play as Ghost Killer in this Evil Survival Escape Game! Enjoy this adventure filled Scary Horror Game & Share your ghost buster experiences. What happens in the past stays in the past. Men vær ikke overrasket om det kommer tilbake haunting you in Scary Night. The evil inside this scary game is a crack attack of surprises and haunted mysteries. Be a part of the survival escape adventure on a mysterious asylum with an evil neighborhood mansion. This haunted mansion is a home to some evil souls. Der har ikke været bosatt hjemme her i haunted hus for så lang tid. Be a part of a survival escape adventure in a mysterious haunted house neighbor asylum. Ditt mission innebærer at løve op forbandelsen fra det skræmmelige onde område og slippe af de onde ghosts for at finde Sarah. An all-new haunted house survival escape simulator game for the survival game lovers filled with horror and paranormal activities. Breakout free from this mysterious evil town of horror residence and neighbors with spider net and Scary dark night. This hero escape battle adventure is very challenging and engaging. There are jinns roaming around everywhere, use your camera flashlight to get rid of them. There are evil houses and evil mansions haunted house by a resident devil. These frightful paranormal activities are inescapable. Only you can escape this ghost town to become a super hero. Keep collecting clues and battery for flashlight to survive. Surviving here is not a simple task. Survive the dangers of dark evil ghost and escape the creepy streets of haunted town with spider webs and scary neighbor graveyards. This haunted mansion is dark and deserted with no resident to be seen anywhere. The survival escape mission involves finding the clues to escape and survive. Je overleving is alleen mogelijk als je de strijd met de haunted kwaadwormen en vind Sarah. There are no police officers or army commandos or professional ghost hunter to fight your battle. Gør dem løp før de angriper dig.

Several years after the events of previous Evil Killer Game, Shawn main protagonist is back to his home town. He got married and is living a happy life with his daughter Sarah. Her mother died during Sarah's birth & doctors were unable to save her. Since then both the father and daughter have moved on living happily & never looked back at the past. Things started to change when Sarah started to have strange nightmares & often woke up at night screaming a name of Asylum. She told Shawn that she has seen her mother in the dreams calling her name. Shawn got worried as the scariest nightmares kept coming back. Endelig besluttede han at tage Sarah med ham til Asylum stedet langt på landet på Halloween night. Shawn skyndte pludselig den reflektion af nogen i fronten af ​​bilen. He lost control of the car & crashed it into the side railing as he passed out. When Shawn woke up, his daughter Sarah was not in the car & the door was open. After getting out of the car Shawn realized that they had already reached the Asylum when the crash happened. Now Sarah is missing & Shawn has to find her in the big Asylum by uncovering the past secrets and finding the clues in this horror night. Enjoy the horror mystery in a scariest mansion, which is a home to some evil ghosts in this part of scary action games.

Its the best survival simulator game for you if you love to play haunted house games & scary survival escape adventure games. It's a battle between Scary Evil and Evil Killer at Old Haunted House.

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