[LIVE/NEWSCENTER] N. Korean inspection team in Seoul - 2018.01.22



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▪ N. Korean inspectors' visit to S. Korea: How should S. Korea deal with the regime in the long run?

▪ Pres. Moon urges support for N. Korea's participation in PyeongChang Olympics

▪ South Korean President Moon "Scrap unnecessary regulation to boost development of new technologies"

▪ Ministries lay out measures to promote new industries, tech

▪ Korea's Transport Ministry to push for deregulation of its tech sector

▪ Korea's producer prices rise in Dec. after fall in previous month

▪ Main opposition leader says 'left-wing nationalism' ruining S. Korea

▪ Korean taxi unions protest ride-sharing deregulation

▪ PyeongChang Counter-Terrorism & Safety Center holds security sweep to ensure safety in Olympic venues

▪ Snow clears tonight as the cold wave hits the nation

*Updated: 2018-01-22 - 20:30:00(KST)
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