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Q: What is your schedule?
A: I stream 6 hours from 6 am to 12 (US Central) then a 3 hour break and come back to stream from 3 pm pm to 9 pm (US Central)

Q: Do you use a controller/mouse/scuff?
A: I use a regular PS4 Pro controller but I do want to get a scuff controller as I feel it's better than a regular controller. I say this because I have an xbox elite controller with the paddles and it just made it easier to play with that controller.

Q: What is the best spot to land?
A: There's no best spot to land only what you like. I like Lonely Lodge so I drop there.

Q: Why don't you answer my questions in chat?
A: It's very hard to play and read chat at the same time. It's impossible for me to read all the questions but I try to do my best. One thing I can say is that I appreciate you watching and supporting the stream!

Q: I would like to donate but I can't because I'm a kid :(
A: Don't worry about it. You can show support in many. You can hit the like button! You can share the stream! You can re-tweet. All these are free :)

Q: Why do you say millions and not thousands are you stupid? You really don't know math!
A: I know it's thousands and not millions and I do know math.. it's just fun to mess with the chat 1+1 = 3 - 4 = 9 QUICK MATHS

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